What’s your marketing mojo? Benchmark your marketing agility

If we’ve learnt anything, it’s how critical it is to be responsive and adaptable to market change.

You may have already discovered that traditional marketing techniques aren’t helping you keep pace to with market changes or adapt to client needs in a digital, fast-paced, and personalised world. Your team may be using data but do they have the right insights to identify areas for improvement to effectively engage your priority audiences.

Assess your team agility

We know that an agile, data-driven approach is the future of B2B marketing. The idea of optimising what you have and using data insights to experiment with new tools, messaging, and channels to achieve your business goals is a simple concept, which is transforming marketing. To keep up, all marketing teams need to work out where and how to inject greater agility and adapt at pace.

Start by evaluating your marketing approach

Understanding the effectiveness of your processes and ways of working as well as the efficient use of your tools, data and insight is a great first step. So you can identify where and how you can increase your teams marketing agility across projects and campaigns to ultimately improve marketing results and deliver the right outcomes for your business.

How the marketing agility calculator works

Is your marketing traditional, fully agile, or somewhere in between? Answer ten short questions and we’ll tell you where you rank on the agile marketing scale. With a clear view of what makes your marketing tick, we’ll offer recommendations of how you can get started and optimise your marketing agility.

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