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The way you move

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Stand out with agility

Learn to move to the rhythm of your audience in our recent podcast.

A key principle of Agile Marketing is fluidity and flexibility in your approach, this applies top-down – both internally and externally. We’re continuously listening, testing and refining our strategy in line with the wants and needs of our target audience. But this can be challenging to balance when you have a strategy to execute and targets to meet…

Hear from Bright’s Founder, Zoe Merchant, and Fortro Ltd Founder, Aileen Boyle, on how to build a platform on which to test, learn and build your marketing strategy.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Move by metrics, not by impulse
  2. Become a client-whisperer
  3. Lead internally to build externally

Agile marketing speakers

Zoe Merchant, Managing Director 

Zoe works across all our clients to help them identify the value of their products and services. In this podcast, she will give you a deep dive into the critical success factors and process for creating compelling value propositions that convert. 

Aileen Boyle, Founder of Fortro Ltd 

Aileen Boyle is redefining what working with entrepreneurs looks like now that Business 4.0 has landed. By building value through innovation and delivering commercially astute measurable results, organisations increase their multiplier and are ready for a more globally-minded market.

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Alexandra JefferiesAgile marketing fest: The way you move podcast