Agile Marketing Fest 2021: Wonderfail – how to take advantage of failure


How to take advantage of failure

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featuring Paul Padmore from My Perfect Failure

Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of the success.

A key principle of Agile Marketing is embedding a ‘test, learn, build’ approach. And part of this process is to fail sometimes. To build and optimise, you need to understand what doesn’t work so well and what doesn’t work at all so you can iterate and improve.

Sign up for our next live event to hear from Bright’s Client Delivery Director, Lydia Kirby, and Paul Padmore of the ‘My Perfect Failure’ podcast, for a guided journey through the inevitability of failure and how to embrace it when it comes.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make failure a positive – fall, but fall forward
  • Document your failures so you’re ready to react
  • Foster a test, learn and build culture within your team

Agile marketing speakers

Lydia KirbyClient Delivery Director at Bright  

Lydia is a passionate believer in the art of test, learn and build approach by reflecting and building on your failures. In this session, Lydia will bring her in-depth knowledge and experience on how to respond to failures quickly, turn learnings into valuable lessons and embed this culture within your team as a positive. 

Paul Padmore, My Perfect Failure

Paul hosts a podcast series which discusses failure as a growth opportunity through the lens of globally renowned guest speakers.

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Alexandra JefferiesAgile Marketing Fest 2021: Wonderfail – how to take advantage of failure