Agile marketing in action: virtual events

Smashing the 1,000 attendee target

Agile marketing in action: On-demand webinar

How to succeed at virtual events

We love a challenge, and when one of our favourite CMO’s, Ghassan,👇 (he’s one of our speakers) set a goal of attracting more than 1,000 attendees to an online event, we stepped up; flexed our agile marketing muscles, and did even better than that.

Listen to our on demand webinar and join Ghassan Sultan, CMO, Lisa Granton Project Lead at TECHNIA and Lydia Kirby, Client delivery lead at Bright as they discuss:

  • Critical success factors for creating a compelling virtual event
  • How to get the right attendees attention and secure registrations
  • Making sure your audience attend and enjoy the event
  • How to test, learn and continually improve throughout your event promotion
  • Commercialising your event to drive revenue through leads and sponsorship
  • Q&A with the TECHNIA team on their ground-breaking, sustainable virtual event

If you want to deep dive into the full TECHNIA virtual event story check out our case study.

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Sian HeaphyAgile marketing in action: virtual events