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The digital crusade

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The digital revolution may be over, but the evolution has just begun. With B2B lagging behind on the communication front, the potential for exploration is without boundaries. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to target and analyse the impact of campaigns in extreme detail. However, approaching digital channels solely from Marketing and Commercial angles is not enough.

As Google stated a few years ago in their B2B research: in a competitive environment with more and more mature B2B customers, the companies to come out on top will be those that put in the ground work to secure the status of their B2B brand. The brand is the competitive advantage. B2B customers will pay a lot more attention to you if you are more than just another name and logo – the symbolic meaning behind being a brand really is key. The digital era has opened up endless ways for companies to reach out and communicate with their public, and B2B companies need to see this as an opportunity to build and strengthen their brand.

The B2B game has changed

The days when B2B relied upon a utilitarian image, centred on a basic website, a few press releases here and there, and the usual trade show outings, should be long gone. However, it doesn’t take a lot of Googling to discover that a worrying number of big brands have yet to get the memo. It’s time to experiment and to create a universe of experience for customers through the provision of both serious content and brand narrative.

Using digital streams (to create a brand) will allow you to provide tailored brand experiences, and to create a strong relationship with your customer. Your strategy should allow digital channels to complement one another, and for content to be distilled to the audience in a way that is right for the channel. Your strategy should also help to provide a brand experience that connects the online and offline worlds. Successfully doing this will create interactions and synergies that become sources of added value for your users. So, the objective is this: to put customers and prospects at the heart of your brand.

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