Agile Campaigns

Driving new business and expanding customer base at pace

Build pipeline and break into new accounts through integrated agile campaigning. Connect with your target audience through multi-channel, multi touch campaigns designed to engage suspects and convert prospects into qualified opportunities. Get the most from marketing automation to personalise campaigns and develop Account Based Marketing strategies to break in or expand within your target accounts. We drive business outcomes and value so you can see maximum ROI from your budget. Bright can support you in three ways:

Agile campaigns connect with the right stakeholders


Expand your network and identify key stakeholders within your target accounts. Nurture leads based on behavioural triggers and convert into qualified opportunities.

Agile campaigns - seamless lead management


Ensure a seamless lead management process between sales and marketing so no leads get dropped. Bright can act as a bridge to bring these two functions together.

Agile campaigns attribute ROI


Our data-led ways of working make it easy for you to track marketing attribution and see clear/tangible ROI from campaigns.

Bright deliver agile marketing campaigns that increase engagement with our target audiences and delivered outstanding results, at pace.

Paul White, CMO, Gresham Technologies

What we do

Use data driven marketing to align your campaign content and communications to buyer behaviours and triggers to drive integrated agile marketing campaigns that generate real results from inception to end.

  • Discover

    Explore and understand your target audiences to uncover and exploit key pain points and motivators with a bespoke market messaging. Research wider industry trends and opportunities to contextualise and inform campaign outreach activity or develop sharper Account Based Marketing strategies.

  • Attract

    Engage target audiences and generate leads with bespoke content across key channels. Using a blend of Account Based Marketing and more traditional marketing tactics, we provide you with the optimal campaign mix to generate demand at pace.

  • Convert

    Nurture and convert leads using intelligent marketing automation workflows. Follow up based on contact and behavioural data to maximise and increase conversion. Break into new accounts with sales enablement tools to accelerate leads through your sales pipeline and boost ROI.

Interested in understanding how agile marketing can support your business goals?

How to get started

How to get agile campaign off to a fast start for your organisation.

Agile campaigns diagnostic


Are you looking to gain expert insight into your demand campaigns? Are you looking to find out which tactics are performing best, and where key optimisations can be made to directly impact your bottom line? We analyse and recommend the best course of action based on data and our expertise

Proof of concept agile campaigns

Proof of concept campaigns

Looking to validate an idea without putting your business on the line? Seeking insight on the best way to scale a successful proposition or service? Adopting an Account Based Marketing approach to sell more to few? We implement PoC agile campaigns to kick-off and accelerate your marketing strategies.

Agile campaigns sales and marketing alignment

Sales & Marketing alignment

Are you looking to create a seamless lead management process to ensure no lead gets dropped and all prospects are followed up? Are you looking to bring the marketing and sales functions together resulting in an efficient lead generation, nurture, and conversion machine? We can put the operational foundation in place for you to reap the rewards of an aligned team.

Sian HeaphyAgile Campaigns