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One of the biggest challenges for companies today is the speed of change. The digital revolution brings both opportunity and threat. Going digital is now necessary simply to survive, but how do you ensure your business is ready for it? How do you engage your people? For change to be positive it is vital that your employees embrace it and support the leadership team in driving it through the business. Change management is now seen as a necessary and important part of any internal programme.

The voice of the CIO

We spoke to industry experts to discover why they believe working in partnership with communications experts can bring huge value to CIOs.

The value of comms to IT and the CIO

Hear from Adel du Toit about the benefits of effective and direct communication from the CIO’s office.

The role of comms in IT and CIO Programmes

 Hear from ex CIOs and CIO advisors about the role of communications in IT and digital change programmes

Change Comms: it’s all about partnership

Smarter businesses realise that the communications around change need as much investment and expertise as the programme itself. Bright works with some of the world’s biggest B2B brands to help them manage change effectively across their organisations. We work in partnership with change management specialists and technology providers to support business critical internal programmes.

Atkins: A change programme

Bright came to help us roll out a couple of key initiatives internally. They were able to get underneath the skin of the brand quickly and worked effectively with the internal team and other partners. They were proactive, responsive and very flexible.

Kathie Gilley Business Transformation Director, Atkins Engineering

 Change Comms: Digital, but not only






Of course, change doesn’t have to be digital. It can be a change of direction, location, focus or management. All of these things will cause disruption, but if the communication around them is done correctly then you can minimise the pain and maximise the benefits.

• Working to develop the comms strategy for your Change Programme, defining the key messages and tone from the outset.
• Developing a brand and supporting visual assets to deliver instant impact and engage employees from the start.
• Drafting employee communications, ensuring the message and tone is concise, consistent and engaging.
• Creation of digital assets, including online portals, content and strategy for collaboration tools and internal social channels.
• Creation of video assets, including animation, to engage your audience and support your communications.

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