Compelling business insights to drive targeted comms

Mint Digital: Understanding How Your target Audiences See You

Founded in 2005, Mint Digital helps companies create and grow digital products and services. As the digital landscape has changed, Mint Digital has adapted and evolved to meet its demands. International expansion and the launch of new services meant the company had diversified and the senior team were keen to find out how this had impacted perception of them in the market.

Driving the business forward

Key to the project was that Mint Digital ended up with some compelling, credible and up-to-date messaging, that would give them a strong platform to drive the business forward.


The team at Bright were great to work with and very professional. The audit was insightful, and the final workshop rounded everything off, helping us to shape our core messages.

Perception Audit

Bright conducted a perception audit using Minimum Viable Marketing™ to get maximum value and insight quickly. The audit focused upon key customers, prospects and influencers, with a customised series of questions that evolved with each piece of feedback. The questionnaire explored perceptions around the brand including strengths, perceived weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Once the responses had been collected and collated, they formed the basis of a messaging session run by Bright. The session used the key areas of strength and opportunity as the basis for a messaging architecture that could take them forwards.

Strong platform

The perception audit, and the messaging session and architecture which were created from its findings, enabled Mint Digital to align its messages to its audiences’ needs, and provided the following business benefits:

  • Insight into what its target audience really thought
  • Valuable and actionable feedback on areas in which could improve and sharpen its delivery
  • Compelling, credible and up to date messaging, which has given them a strong platform to drive the business forward.