Sparking new business relationships with creative comms

Fluxx: Creative Communications To Build Connections

Fluxx is an innovation company, creating new products and services to drive growth for some of the UK’s largest companies, such as John Lewis, Lloyds Bank and More Than insurance. Fluxx offer a unique blend of creativity and practical intelligence to help brands to develop original ideas and deliver digital products and services that are both innovative and highly lucrative.

Using a systematic approach

Fluxx was exhibiting real potential and already held an impressive client list, but, operating in an increasingly competitive industry, was keen to build on its market share. Its team was eager to establish a systematic marketing approach that would help them to be consistent in their promotional activities and support business growth.

The primary goal for Fluxx in the first instance was to educate its target markets on the value of innovation and the role that Fluxx can play as a catalyst and strategic creative hub, through thought leadership, case studies and analysis. For this it needed to establish regular and effective contact with clients, prospects and key influencers in this space.

The road to success

Bright helped Fluxx get a targeted and effective communications program up and running, fast. We kicked off the programme with a perception audit to identify and shape the messaging that resonates among customers, prospects and employees. Working alongside the company’s internal team we used this to shape and support regular content production to augment the existing marketing efforts.

Fresh content was uploaded to the Fluxx website and promoted across multiple social channels. Bright also established a monthly e-newsletter that publicised the latest content and nurtured an increasingly engaged network.

Alongside this we worked to clean up the Fluxx target database by extracting data from the company’s existing system. Analysing the information to create a list of target accounts and contact information, which was cleansed, segmented, and shared with the Fluxx team. They were then given guidance and provided with the appropriate tools to enable continual updates to the database with new information.

Established connections within their target markets

The new communications strategy and centralised database of contact information enabled Fluxx to establish connections within their target markets and delivered measurable benefits:

  • High-quality content consistently produced and promoted
  • Internal engagement with marketing efforts improved
  • Greater engagement with key audiences: email open and click-through rates above industry average for the newly established e-newsletter
  • Increased website traffic and decreased bounce-rate – people spending longer on the site
  • Better engagement across social channels
  • Upsurge in proactive recruitment enquiries
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • An up-to-date CRM supporting building and reporting on the sales pipeline, which is easily managed by the Fluxx team
  • Accurate reporting on marketing activity results and impact to enable continual improvement and allows rapid follow up with hot prospects