Pathing the way in the transportation sector

Flo Group: Building Marketing from the Ground Up

Flo Group (formerly MavenWire) delivers transportation consulting services and solutions to large global firms. They aim to improve logistics and support the evolution of the supply chain across a wide range of industries – from retail to manufacturing.

Building reputation

MavenWire had the credentials and the experience as a market leader, but struggled to communicate effectively to its target audiences, who were difficult-to-reach senior decision makers.

Bright were engaged to create a marketing strategy for MavenWire to transition its brand to Flo, build reputation in the EMEA region and differentiate itself in the market including accessing the right prospects, building strong alliance relationships and attracting new talent.


Bright created a marketing foundation for Flo Group by implementing a strong brand identity and driving multichannel demand campaigns, that delivered results that support our business goals.

Creating a brand identity

Using Minimum Viable Marketing™ (MVM), Bright developed a strategy roadmap and an iterative approach for the activity execution – focusing on the website and the core collaterals to support business development.

Initially, Bright created a brand identity to showcase MavenWire’s expertise, elevating it to a market leadership position in preparation for the transition to Flo Group. Starting with creating a website built upon clear, consistent messaging and a clean look. The website was initially only validated with key audiences, so that only the successful elements were retained whilst reworking.

Consistent brand voice

New content and messaging drove search engine traffic, supported a social media campaign and other marketing activities, resulting in increased time spent on the website and greater social following from key audiences.

A consistent brand voice was woven through the off line collateral to support the business development process and to use at events. Up-to-date case studies gave the brand visible credentials to approach the right decision makers and provide evidence of success.

Once the foundation marketing was underway, a demand generation strategy was developed based on campaigns for key go-to market propositions.

Driving further demand

The campaigns were designed to deliver fast results and used Minimum Viable Marketing™(MVM) to quickly execute, gather feedback, validate and restructure the propositions offered to best exploit market demand and maximise response. Bright also proactively used this approach with Flo’s alliance partners – to quickly develop and execute joint campaigns to drive further demand.

Bright added value to Flo’s conference presence by bringing consistency to communication outreach prior to, at and post events, to maximise awareness and interest. This is combined with identifying, following up and nurturing new opportunities with key prospects.

After feedback and research, Bright recommended creating a stronger event and market presence through promotional videos initially focused on launching their evol product.