Strengthening partnerships to secure new business

Mavenwire: Alliance Marketing – Building Better Business Together

MavenWire (now Flo Group) is a recognised leader in delivering Transportation Management Solutions, with many years of experience in implementing logistics solutions for customers from a wide range of industries, and working with a selection of world-class suppliers.

Standing out from the crowd

MavenWire recognised that many EMEA companies struggle with supply chain optimisation, and identified an opportunity to strengthen its own business by capitalising on that need.

MavenWire understood the value of developing a close relationship with Oracle in order to fortify its brand and create new sales opportunities within Europe. Oracle has a large number of partnering organisations, so it was important for MavenWire to stand out from the crowd; and establish itself as the go-to Oracle supply-chain consulting provider, if it was to achieve its business goals.

MavenWire was keen to use joint marketing to strengthen its relationship with Oracle, and build up a pipeline of well-qualified sales opportunities.


Bright appreciated the importance of our building a strong relationship with Oracle and were able to make this a reality.

Demand generation campaigns

MavenWire engaged Bright to help develop its marketing approach with Oracle.

Bright planned and initiated a series of demand generation campaigns, initially independent of Oracle involvement but always sharing the results with the Oracle team. The campaigns used a full mix of marketing activities including:

  • Demand generation
  • Content and collateral creation
  • Consistent direct and indirect communication to the target audience
  • Major industry conference and event sponsorship
  • Social media content creation

After sharing the results with Oracle the approach gradually evolved into a series of joint marketing campaigns with Oracle, to establish a pipeline of new license, implementation and consulting opportunities within key target accounts.

A joint campaign approach combined Oracle products with MavenWire’s delivery expertise to offer prospects a complete solution. The demand generation campaigns enabled MavenWire to identify new sales opportunities and win new business jointly with the Oracle sales team.

Building alliances

In building this alliance through proactive marketing, MavenWire leveraged the Oracle brand to validate its own propositions, and become a go-to partner for Oracle implementations and consulting.

Improved partner relationship

Resulting in investment in joint marketing campaigns as a proven and proactive partner

Demand campaign surpassed its target by 200%

Resulting in increased investment and further support from Oracle

Strong sales pipeline established

3-4 sales meetings arranged each month